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Vettel: The Best Man Will Win

Date: 12th November 2012 at 1:55 pm | Filed under: Drivers,Ferrari,Formula 1 News,Red Bull Racing | Author: | Tags: , , | image © Action Images

believes that the driver who “deserves” to win the title will claim the World Championship.

It’s a straight duel between the Red Bull man and , who is ten points behind with two races to go.

Vettel is confident that he can maintain his advantage, but insists who ever wins will ultimately have deserved their victory:

“Of course the last races we had were very good for us, to put it mildly.” He told the official website.

“They have helped us a lot. If you look at the whole season with 20 races, you do have incidences that you don’t like to have, you probably have some retirements due to technical problems. We had those – and hopefully we have now passed this phase.

“It is very hard to run so many races without incidents. It is not something that is part of your calculation, but you have to be prepared when it hits you not to stand there with eyes wide open. If you look at the races we’ve done so far I think Fernando’s and my DNF’s or calamities are equal.

“I still believe that the driver who deserves it most will be champion. No doubt we are in a very good position now and I hope we do well until the very end to make sure that we deserve the glory.”

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